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Gordon Lightfoot

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Gordon Lightfoot-I Could Read My Mind 16.07.00 Brian
Gordon Lightfoot-Sundown 16.07.00 Brian
Gordon Lightfoot - The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald 14.09.00 Xeenneex





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Gordon Lightfoot
Songbook Disc 1
01-I'm the one
02-It's too late, he wins
03-For lovin' me
04-Early morning rain
05-The way I feel
06-Steel rail blues
07-A message to the wind
08-Song for a winter's night
09-Canadian railroad trilogy
10-Go-go round
12-You'll still be needing me
13-The mountains and Maryann
14-The last time I saw her
15-Did she mention my name
16-Pussywillows, cat-tails
17-Boss man
18-Something very special
19-Bitter green
20-Affair on 8th. Avenue
21-Medley: I'm not sayin'/Ribbon of darkness
23-Mama said
24-Station master

Songbook Disc 2

01-Sit down young stranger
02-If you could read my mind
03-Poor little Allison
04-The pony man
05-Cobwebs & dust
06-Too much to lose
07-Summer side of life
08-Cotton Jenny
09-10 degrees & getting colder
10-Nous Vivons ensemble
11-Same old loverman
12-Heaven don't deserve me
13-Don Quixote
14-Alberta bound
16-Ode to big blue
17-Stone cold sober
18-Old Dan's records
19-That same old obsession
20-Lazy mornin'
21-Hi'way songs
22-Can't depend on love

Songbook Disc 3

02-Carefree highway
03-Seven islands suite
05-Cold on the shoulder
06-Now and then
07-Rainy day people
08-Fine as fine can be
09-All the lovely ladies
10-Summertime dream
11-The wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
12-Never too close
13-Betty called me in
14-Endless wire
15-The circle is small
16-Sea of tranquility
17-Make way for the lady
18-Dream street rose
19-Ghosts of Cape Horn
20-Keepin' on yearnin'
21-Canary yellow canoe

Songbook Disc 4

02-She's not the same
03-14 karat gold
04-Baby step back
05-In my fashion
06-Never say trust me
07-Why should I feel blue
08-Someone to believe in
10-Broken dreams
11-Always on the bright side
12-Forgive me Lord
14-East of midnight
15-Morning glory
16-A lesson in love
17-A passing ship
18-Waiting for you
19-Drink yer glasses empty
20-I'll prove my love
21-A painter passing through

dank für alles an Brian - 20.09.00




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