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Gilbert O'Sullivan



The Very Best Of

04-Alone again naturally
05-Get down
06-Nothing rhymed
07-You Are You
08-No matter how I try
09-We Will
10-At The Very Mention Of Your Name
11-Why,Oh Why,Oh Why
12-Ooh Baby
13-Can't Think Straight
14-I Wish I Could Cry
15-What's In A Kiss
16-Lost A Friend
17-I'll Beliewve It When I See It
18-Dear Dream

Dank an Brian - 12.8.2000


Every Song Has It's Play PW:oldiemp3

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03-Dear dream
04-Wish I could cry
05-Nothing to fear
06-Pretty Polly
07-Can't find my way home
08-Dishonourable profession
09-You don't own me/If I know you
10-Nobody wants to know
11-Young at heart
12-I've never been short of a smile
13-Showbiz - Reprise
14-If you commence before the start 

dank an Brian - 29.01.01


In The Key Of G PW:oldiemp3

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01-Lost A Friend
02-The Very Mention Of Your Name
03-What am I Doing Here With You
04-If I Start With The Chorus
05-So What
06-The Way Things Used To Be
07-I Don't Trust Men With Earrings In Their Ears
08-Gordon Bennett
09-To The Extreme
10-Stick In The Mud

dank an Brian - 29.01.01


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