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Gerry Rafferty



Can I Have My Money Back PW:oldiemp3

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01-New Street Blues
02-Didn't I?
03-Mr. Universe
04-Mary Skeffington
05-Long Way Round
06-Can I Have My Money Back?
07-Sign On The Dotted Line
08-Make You, Break You
09-To Each And Everyone
10-One Drink Down
11-Don't Count Me Out
12-Half A Chance
13-Where I Belong
14-Look Over The Hill And Far Away
16-Rick Rack
17-Her Father Didn't Like My Anyway
18-Please Sing A Song For Us
19-Blood And Glory
20-I Can't Stop Now
21-All The Best People Do It
22-Steamboat Row
23-Shoeshine Boy
24-Keep It To Yourself
25-My Singing Bird

dank an Brian - 28.01.01


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