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George "Harmonica" Smith



Harmonica Ace PW:oldiemp3

02-Telephone Blues 
03-Blues In the Dark 
04-Blues Stay Away 
05-Have Myself a Ball 
06-If I Found My Baby 
07-Oopin' Doopin' Doopin' 
08-California Blues
09-Down In New Orleans
10-Early One Monday Morning 
11-Rockin' (Take 2) 
12-Love Life 
13-Cross Eyed Suzie Lee
14-You Don't Love Me
15-I Found My Baby 
16-Oopin' Doopin' Doopin' 
17-California Blues 
18-Down in New Orleans aka Hey Mr. Porter
19-Early One Monday Mornin'

dank an Brian - 29.01.01


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