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George Harrison

George Harrison - Bangla Desh 02.10.00 Walo
George Harrison-Got My Mind Set On You 29.11.00 Brian
George Harrison - My sweet lord 03.06.00 Walo
George Harrison - Something (live - Bangla Desh) 06.09.00 Walo



Dark Horse

01-Hari's on tour
02-Simply shady
03-So sad
04-Bye, bye love
05-Maya love
06-Ding dong, ding dong
07Dark horse
08Far East Man
09-It is "He"

dank an Brian - thanks to Brian 09.09.00


Gone Troppo

01-Wake Up My Love
02-That's The Way It Goes
03-I Really Love You
05-Gone Troppo
06-Mystical One
07-Unknown Delight
08-Baby Don't Run Away
09-Dream Away

dank an Brian - 17.09.99


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The Concert For Bangla Desh

CD 1

01-George Harrison/Ravi Shankar Introduction
02-Bangla Dhun
04-My sweet lord
05-Awaiting on you all
06-That's the way God planned it
07-It don't come easy
08-Beware the darkness
09-While my guitar gently weeps

CD 2

01-Medley: Jumpin' jack flash/Youngblood
02-Here comes the sun
03-A hard rain's gonna fall
04-It takes a lot to laugh, it takes a train to cry
05-Blowin' in the wind
06-Mr. Tambourine man
07-Just like a woman
09-Bangla Desh

dank an Brian - 02.10.00




Living In The Material World

01_Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)
02 - Sue Me, Sue You Blues
03 - The Light That Has Lighted The World
04 - Don't Let Me Wait Too Long
05 - Who Can See It
06 - Living In The Material World
07 - The Lord Loves The One
08 - Be Here Now
09 - Try Some Buy Some
10 - The Day The World Gets 'Round
11 - World That Is All

dank an Brian - 3.11.00


All Thinks must Pass


CD 1

01-I`d have you anytime

02-My sweet Lord


04-Isn`t it a Pity

05-What is Life

06-If not for you

07-Behind that locked Door

08-Let it Down

09-Run of the Mill

10-I live for you

11-Beware of Darkness

12-Let it Down

13-What is Life

14-My sweet Lord (2000)


CD 2

01-Beware of Darkness

02-Apple Scruffs

03-Ballad of Sir Frankie Crisp

04-Awaiting on you all

05-All Thinks must Pass

06-I dig Love

07-Art of Dying

08-Isn`t it a Pity

09-Hear me Lord

10-It`s Johnny`s Birthday

11-Plug me in

12-Remember Jeep

13-Thanks for the Pepperoni

14-Out of the Blue

Dank an copierer - 25.02.01


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