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A Trick of a Trail

And then there were Three

Archive #1 1967-75

Archive #2 1976-1992

Genesis Live

Nursery Crime

Turn It On Again


Genesis-Carpet Crawlers  24.08.00 Brian
Genesis - Mama 26.05.00 Nowhere Man
Genesis - Mama 6:06 Version 26.05.00 Mike
Genesis-Man on the corner 14.09.00 Uwe
Genesis-The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway  24.08.00 Brian



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Genesis Live

Genesis-Live - Seite A.spl
Genesis-Live - Seite A.000
Genesis-Live - Seite A.001
Genesis-Live - Seite A.002
Genesis-Live - Seite A.003
Genesis-Live - Seite A.004
Genesis-Live - Seite A.005
Genesis-Live - Seite B.spl
Genesis-Live - Seite B.000
Genesis-Live - Seite B.001
Genesis-Live - Seite B.002
Genesis-Live - Seite B.003
Genesis-Live - Seite B.004
Genesis-Live - Seite B.005

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dank an Rolf - 26.09.00




Turn It On Again

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01-Turn It On Again
02-Invisible Touch
04-Land Of Confusion
05-I Can't Dance
06-Follow You Follow Me
07-Hold On My Heart
09-I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)
10-No Son Of Mine
11-Tonight Tonight Tonight
12-In Too Deep

14-Jesus He Knows Me
15-That's All
17-Throwing It All Away
18-The Carpet Crawlers 1999

dank an Brian - 04.12.00


Archive #1 1967-75

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CD 1
01-The lamb lies down the Broadway
02-Fly on the windshield
03-Broadway Melody 1974
04-Cuckoo cocoon
05-In the cage
06-The grand parade of lifeless packaging
07-Back in N.Y.C.
08-Hairless heart
09-Counting out time

10-Carpet crawlers
11-The chamber of 32 doors


CD 2
01-Lilywhite lilith
02-The waiting room
04-Here comes the supernatural anaesthetist
05-The lamia
06-Silent sorrow in empty boats
07-The colony of slippermen
09-The light dies down on Broadway

10-Riding the scree
11-In the rapids


CD 3
01-Dancing with the moonlit-knight
02-Firth of fifth
03-More fool me
05-I know what I like
07-Twilight alehouse

04-Suppers ready
08-Happy the man
09-Watcher of the skies


CD 4
01-In the wilderness
04-Let us now make love
05-Going out to get you
07-Build me a mountain
08-Image blown out
09-One day
10-Where the sour turns to sweet

11-In the beginning
12-The magic of time
18-She is beautiful

14-Hidden the world of dawn
15-Sea bee
16-The mystery of the flannan isle lighthouse
17-Hair on the arms and legs
19-Try a little sadness


Archive #2 1976-1992

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CD 1
01-On the shoreline
02-Hearts on fire
03-You might recall
05-Evidence of autumn
06-Do the neurotic
07-I'd rather be you

09-Inside & out
10-Feeding the fire

11-I can't dance


CD 2
01-Illegal alien (live)
02-Dreaming while you sleep (live)
03-It's gonna get better (live)
04-Deep in the motherlode (live)
05-Ripples (live)
06-The Brazilian (live)

07-Your own special way (live)
08-Burning rope (live)
09-Entangled (live)
10-Dukes travels (live)


CD 3
01-Invisible touch (12" version)
02-Land of confusion (12" version)
03-Tonight, tonight, tonight
04-No reply at all (live)
05-Man on the corner (live)
06-The lady lies (live)

07-Open door
08-The day the light went out
11-It' yourself


dank an Brian - 11.02.01


And then there were Three

Down and Out
Ballad of Big
Burning rope
Deep in the Motherlode
Many to many
Scenes from a night´s Dream
Say its alright Joe

dank an Joe - 13.02.01


A Trick of a Trail

Original-Cover Front + Back liegt auf dem Idrive

01 - Dance on a Vulcano

02 - Entangled

03 - Squonk

04 - Mad Man Moon

05 - Robbery, Assault and Battery

06 - Ripples

07 - A Trick of a Trail

08 - Los Endos

dank an Hennes - 13.03.01


Nursery Crime

Original-Cover on the Idrive-Account

01 - For absent friends 

02 - Harlequin 

03 - HArold the barel 

04 - Seven stones 

05 - The fountain of salmacis 

06 - The musical box 

07 - The return of the Giant Hogweed

dank an Hennes - 16.03.01


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