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Gene Pitney


Gene Pitney - 24 Hours From Tulsa 12.07.00 Moshe
Gene Pitney - Blue Angel 30.11.00 Rainer
Gene Pitney - Mecca 15.10.00 Helmut
Gene Pitney - Only Love Can Break A Heart 12.07.00 Moshe
Gene Pitney-Princess In Rags 28.12.00 Brian
Gene Pitney - Something's gotten hold of my heart 08.05.00 Walo
Gene Pitney - It hurts to be in love 02.09.00 Paul




Devinitive Collection

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CD 1
01-Love my life away
02-I laughed so hard I cried
03-Louisiana Mama
04-Town without pity
05-Every breath I take
06-(The man who shot)Liberty Valance
07-Only love can break a heart
08-I didn't have a dime
09-Half heaven-Half heartache
10-Tower tall
12-Teardrop by teardrop
13-True love never runs smooth
14-Donna means heartbreak
15-Twenty four hours from Tulsa
16-That girl belongs to yesterday
17-Yesterday's hero
18-Nobody needs your love more than I do
19-It hurts to be in love
21-I'm gonna be strong
22-Aladdin's lamp
23-I must be seeing things
24-Last chance to turn around
25-Looking through the eyes of love
26-Princess in rags
27-Baby, ain't that fine
28-Everybody knows but you and me
29-It's not that I don't love you
30-Gene, are you there
CD 2
02-Cold light of day
03-The Boss's daughter
04-Just one smile
05-Hessuni mi puo guidicare
06-Something's gotten hold of my heart
07-She's a heartbreaker
09-Somewhere in the country
10-Billy, you're my friend
11-Maria Elena
12-A street called hope
13-Shady lady
14-23 Sycamore
15-Yours until tomorrow
16-Baby, I need your lovin'
17-Hello Mary Lou
19-Little Betty falling star
20-Half the laughter, twice the tears
21-If I were
22-June is as cold as December
23-Cry your eyes out
24-Not responsible
25-Lovin' feelin'
26-Pretty Annabella
27-She lets her hair down

dank an Brian - 31.12.00


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