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Freda Payne


The Best Of

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1-Band of Gold
2-Cherish what is dear to you
3-Come back
4-The easiest way to fall
5-The unhooked generation
6-Through the memory of my mind
7-He's in my life
8-I left some dreams back there
9-Rock me in the cradle of love
10-You've got to love somebody
11-Odds and ends
12-How can I live without my love
13-Bring the boys home
14-I shall not be moved
15-You're the only bargain I've got
16-Two wrong don't make a right
17-Mama's gone
18-The road we didn't take
19-You brought the joy
20-Now is the time to say goodbye
21-Love on borrowed time
22-Deeper and deeper 

dank an Brian - 11.01.01


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