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Folk Friends

Folk Friends
CD 1
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01-Six Days On The Road
02-Night Visiting Song/Dat Du Min Leefste Büst
03-Palnxty Irwin
04-I'm Sad And I'm Lonely
05-Lonely One
06-The Trail Of Tears
07-Willst Du Dein Herz Mir Schenken
08-Night Ferry
09-I Remember Loving You
10-Derrol In The Rain
11-Who Will Sing For Me?
12-Walking Down The Line
13-Old Molly Hare
14-Brüder Seht die rote Fahne/Hold The Fort
15-One Day We'll See Them
16-Black Jack Darvey
17-New National Seven
18-Aragon Mill
19-Pay Day At Coal Creek
20-John Of Dreams
21-Alex's Dream/Ned Walsh's Jig
22-When The Fiddler Has Played His Last Tune For The Night

CD 2

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01-Two Hundred Miles Away
02-The World Turned Upside Down
03-Seamen Three
04-Columbus Georgia
05-Born To Live With The Blues
06-The Father's Song
07-Yesterday's People
08-Take The Children And Run
09-Thousands Are Sailing To America
10-Es Ist Ein Schnee Gefallen
11-Don't Think Twice It's Allright
12-Voices From The Mountains
13-Bloody Sunday
14-Siege Of A Nation
15-Lassie Lie Near Me
16-Me And Bobby McGee
17-The John MacLean March
18-Jamie Foyers
19-Green Grows The Laurel
20-The Waterford Waltz
21-Planet Without Plan

Dank an Brian - 12.11.00



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