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Flying Burrito Bros.

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Anthology 1969-1972
CD 1
01-Christine's tune
02-Sin city
03-Do right woman
04-Dark end of the street
05-My uncle
08-Hot burrito *1, 2
09-Do you know how it feels
10-Hippie boy
11-The train song
12-Lazy days
13-Image of me
14-High fashion queen
15-If you gotta go
16-Man in the fog
17-Farther along
18-Older guys
19-Cody, Cody
20-God's own singer
21-Down in the churchyard
22-Wild horses

CD 2

01-Six days on the road
02-Close up the honky tonks
03-Break my mind
04-Dim lights
05- Sing me back home
06-Tonight the bottle let me down
07-To love somebody
08-White line fever
10-Hand to mouth
11-Tried so hard
12-Just can't be
13-To Ramona
14-Four days of rain
15-Can't you hear me calling
16-All alone
17-Why are you crying
18-Here tonight
19-Ain't that a lot of love-live
20-Losing game-live

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